With Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) exports covering less than 50 percent of imports and a double-digit current account deficit, BiH is highlydependent on selected sectors that have shown the capability to generate exports; one of the most important export sectors is the energy sector. While BiH is currently exploiting its comparative advantage in the energy sector, at present it is merely scratching the surface. BiH’s electricity sector can be one of the country’s main growth engines.

The main objectives of USAID’s Energy Investment Activity are to help the country attract investment and create jobs in the energy sector. Through this activity, USAID works to revise and align the permitting processes for construction of electricity generation facilities, so they are consistent, transparent and investor friendly throughout the country. The project will develop and recommend legislative measures, at all levels of government, that will stimulate investment in new power plants—especially renewable energy power plants and biomass co-generation—in selected regions of the country. It will also help establish a retail market in which electricity consumers can choose their supplier. It will work to improve energy efficiency among distribution system operators and suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs.Further details on each of USAID EIA’s activities can be found in the menu on the right.