Biomass in the wood processing industry

Biomass in the wood processing sector is obtained from the following sources: firewood, forest residues, small branches, stumps and residues from the wood processing industry. Stumps, small branches and other wood residues remains in the forest after wood cutting and production of the forest wood products. This residues is the largest source of the untapped woody biomass potential.

There are significant amounts of wood residues from the wood-processing industry from the manufacturing of veneer, sawn timber and furniture. However, most of the wood processing companies in BiH use wood residues to heat their premises and/or for wood drying. If thereis any more wood residues, it is sold to companies that produce pellets and briquettes. But apart from using this residues only for heating or for the production of pellets and briquettes, they can be used in cogeneration plants to generate electricity and heat needed for the production process.