Gas comes to our country from Russia through several thousand kilometers of gas pipelines passing through Ukraine, Hungary and Serbia. Currently, there is only one point of entry into Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the place called Šepak near Zvornik. The length of the entire transport system in BiH is 243 km, while the total annual consumption of natural gas in the territory of BiH is 185 ktoe.

USAID Energy Investment Activity (USAID EIA) expanded its activities into the gas sector as of 2018. The overall goal of the technical assistance in the gas sector is to work to remove the obstacles to investment in natural gas sector infrastructure and provide recommendations for the establishment of a legal and regulatory framework for a competitive natural gas market. To achieve this goal USAID EIA will review gas pipeline development in Europe and BiH and the sources of gas supply in the context of security of supply, with a special focus on how these developments could affect the gas network development and gas consumption in BiH. In addition, the work will identify changes that must be made in the laws to make connection of the BiH gas network to alternative gas supply sources possible and gas market functional. The expanded activities will also provide the foundation for implementing select recommendations from the Energy Community Treaty to result in progress related to the EU accession requirements for BiH.