What we do

The Energy Investment Activity will work to address a large number of seemingly insurmountable obstacles—political, bureaucratic, and market—that have to date driven away even the most determined investors in the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) energy sector. This will release the potential needed for the faster development of the BiH economy and more job opportunities for the BiH citizens.

USAID EIA aims to streamline the permitting process and make it investment friendly and transparent through legislative, regulatory and other changes. Thus, the USAID Energy Investment Activity will, among other things, work to:  

1.  Address the impediments to increased investment in the energy sector in BiH:

  • Identify the best international practice in permitting process; 
  • Conduct in-depth analysis on the barriers to investment, focusing on legislation, regulation and their practical implementation; 
  • Propose measures to the relevant authorities that would contribute to the following:

– Elimination of gaps and overlaps in the legislation
– Clear, coherent and streamlined procedures for permitting at all government levels
– Harmonized implementation throughout the country
– Enhanced capacities of competent institutions and their accountability
– Increased transparency of the procedure 
– Investor-friendly and non-discriminatory energy sector environment

2.  To develop Guidelines for Investors:

Develop written and short instructions in the form of guidelines for investors on the permitting procedure for the energy projects (e.g., competent institutions, steps, deadlines) in local and English language, which would be available on the competent authorities’ websites.

The activities will be conducted through working groups composed of partners from competent institutions from all government levels, NGOs, and investors.