Biogas Plants – An Investment Opportunity For the Agriculture Sector


A workshop entitled “Biogas Plants – An Investment Opportunity for the Agriculture Sector” was held on March 6, 2018 in Teslic. Around fifty farmers and company representatives from the biogas sector participated in the Workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to encourage farmers to invest in the biogas plants fueled by animal waste and to improve the current incentive system through joint efforts. The introduction of a quota for the purchase of electricity from biogas plants in the FBiH is of the highest importance, followed by the increase in the guaranteed purchase price for electricity for all plants in the RS (in FBIH for power plants over 150kW).

During workshop the following issues were discussed: the importance of the proper disposal of animal waste, the classical and innovative technologies of the biogas plants, the existing system of incentives for the construction of the biogas plants and the profitability of such investments, as well as the experiences from other countries such as the USA and Germany.

Following the discussion it was concluded that the incentives for biogas plants that are fueled by (mostly) animal waste should be a priority for BiH for the following reasons:

  • Environment protection – from the pollution of water and soil with nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from animal waste; and the animal waste’s emission of air polluting methane and ammonia
  • Exploitation of the biogas potential for the production of electricity and thermal energy
  • An additional and stable source of revenue for farmers from the sale of electricity

The workshop was preceded by training for media representatives, with the aim of encouraging journalists to familiarize themselves about the biogas plants in order to make it easier to report on this issue. The workshop was jointly organized by the USAID EIA, USAID/Sweden FARMA II and GIZ ProRE.

Presentations from the workshop (on local language) can be downloaded below:

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