Cows and chickens can make electricity too



We all know chickens give us eggs, cows give us milk and pigs give us bacon, but did you know that they can give us heat and electricity too? These animals’ waste can be used to produce biogas – a gas containing 50-60% methane. Biogas is burned in engines, which turn generators to produce electricity; useful heat can be generated from cooling the engine and the exhaust gases. In addition, the waste, after going through the process of producing biogas, is a great organic fertilizer. For example, a farm with 100,000 laying hens can supply electricity for 100-200 households in BiH, depending on the breed, farming method and the fodder. To see if it is feasible to build a biogas power plant on your farm or in cooperation with other farms, you can use the USAID EIA-developed feasibility software at!/home