First meeting of the working groups of Bioenergy Joint Program, Sarajevo, February 14-15, 2017.

The first meeting of the working groups of the Bioenergy Joint Program of USAID EIA, UNDP, and GIZ under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (MOFTER) was held in Sarajevo on February 14-15, 2017. USAID EIA, the UNDP Biomass Project (supported by the Czech Development Agency) and the GIZ Renewable Energy Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina have agreed to coordinate their activities by developing a joint bioenergy activity program to avoid overlapping and maximize the benefits for BiH institutions, companies and citizens.


MOFTER representative, Ms. Biljana Trivanović, Head of the Unit for Secondary Energy and Projects stated: “We are very pleased that the cooperation of the international agencies USAID EIA, UNDP and GIZ contributes to the efforts of MOFTER to improve all aspects of the bioenergy sector. We expect that this joint program will have concrete results and that this first meeting of the working group is the first step.”

At the meeting the process of forming working groups of the Joint Programme in the field of bioenergy was presented and discussed, along with further planned activities of each group. Two separate sessions were held during the meeting: sessions on wood biomass and biomass from agriculture. Experts in these fields presented a plan and method for determining the biomass potential in BiH to members of the working group, and discussion on this topic was opened.


The first meeting of the working groups of the Joint Program was attended by about 60 representatives of relevant ministries and public institutions from the state, entity and cantonal level, representatives of private and public enterprises in the field of bioenergy, as well as representatives of higher education institutions and the non-governmental sector. All participants took an active role in the discussion on the next steps in the framework of the Joint Program and expressed their readiness for active cooperation of their institutions, with the aim of improving the bio energy sector in BiH.