Green Council Conference: Agriculture and Rural Development in the Service of Sustainable Development


The representatives of USAID Energy Investment Activity (EIA) project participated in the two-day conference organized by the Green Council association, where Agriculture and Rural Development in the function of Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency in Buildings as a Basis for Achieving Sustainable Socio-Economic Growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina was discussed.  The conference was held at the premises of the Burch International University on September 26-27, 2016.  Mr. Thomas Rojas, USAID Economic Development Office Director, addressed the participants and announced the cooperation between two USAID projects dealing with energy and agriculture — the USAID EIA and USAID/Sweden FARMA II projects/ These two projects agreed to cooperate on providing assistance to poultry farms for sustainable energy use, especially for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) from biomass. The projects will also jointly inform the public and decision makers of the potential economic and environmental benefits of CHP plants at poultry farms. On behalf USAID EIA, Fahrudin Kulic, Senior Engineer, delivered a presentation on Biomass and Energy Generation on Farms. Mr. Kulic also announced that the project has developed a software program for technical and economic analysis of biomass-based CHP projects, which will be launched in November this year.  USAID EIA also actively participated in the Energy Efficiency part of the conference addressing the need to adopt the Energy Efficiency Law in the Federation and the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme as a financial mechanism to support the implementation of energy efficiency measures on a large scale.