Guidelines for Investors in the Electricity Sector in BiH was presented in Sarajevo tonight. The first guidelines of this type in BiH provides investors with all the necessary information about the process of constructing electricity facility in BiH and contains schematic flowcharts of the procedure for issuing different permits. The main purpose od the Guidelines is to make the process easier for the new (and existing) investors in the complex administrative permitting system due to which, for the construction of electricity facitlity in BiH 20 licenses in 100 steps within a period of two and in practice even more than five years is required.

Director of Economic Development Office in USAID BiH, Andrew Boegel said that this organization is committed to assistance of BiH in the creation of transparent and efficient investment environment that will attract investors and create new job opportunities. “By analyzing electricity sector in BiH we realized that there is enormous potential but very few investors. One of the key reasons was the lack of information on the overall permitting process. We believe that publishing this Guidelines will encourage investors to invest money in projects in BiH“, stated Boegel and added that in addition to Guidelines it is necessary to address simplification of the permitting process. 

In addition to information on all permits, administrative procedures and competent institutions the Guidelines contains other necessary information such as documentation that is attached to applications and legal deadlines for issuing licences. Representatives of all institutions that are competent for issuing licenses required for construction of electricity facilities, within multiple working groups and subgroups for specific sectors, participated in the development of the guidelines. Thus the Guidelines will help competent representatives of administration to process applications in more efficient way and to make such procedure as short as possible.