Signed Memorandum of Understanding for joint work in the energy sector bythe USAID mission in BiH and the British Embassy Sarajevo


(Sarajevo, January 30, 2019) To promote cooperation in the energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, USAID Bosnia and Herzegovina and the British Embassy Sarajevo signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This document defines cooperation in the energy sector reform process with the overall aim to support Bosnia and Herzegovina in fulfilling its obligations toward the Energy Community Treaty and its accession process to the European Union.

Mission Director of USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peter Duffy underscored the importance of this cooperation adding that “USAID has long worked closely with the leadership of Bosnia and Herzegovina to support the energy sector; facilitate regional energy market integration; ensure energy security across the country; and assist in the creation of a competitive, market-oriented economy that provides better economic opportunities for all in BiH. As BiH is faced with sanctions by the Energy Community for the failure to adopt necessary legislation,USAID and the British Embassy jointly commit to assisting the BiH institutions in meeting these requirements.”

British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E.Matthew Field, stressed“The British Embassy Sarajevo and USAID have cooperated successfully in a number of activities regarding energy sector reform, including the development and adoption of the BiH Framework Energy Strategy, adoption of the FBiH Energy Efficiency Law, and public outreach activities, most notably the annual BiH Energy Summit. By combining our expertise, the British Embassy and USAID will strengthen their cooperation in different energy related projects for the present and future beneficiaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This cooperation is important because both the British Embassy and USAID work to help Bosnia and Herzegovina in its accession process to the European Union”

Given the excellent cooperation in the past, the British Embassy and USAID decided to extend their cooperation in activities that will contribute to the successful transition of the BiH energy sector and adoption of necessary reforms.