The Role of the Regulator in Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes Workshop


March 7, 2019

As part of the two-year USAID/NARUC Energy Regulatory Partnership with Bosnia and Herzegovina, NARUC, with the support of USAID and in collaboration with USAID EIA, will host the first energy efficiency workshop for the regulatory commissions of Bosnia and Herzegovina: The State Electricity Regulatory Commission, The Federation Regulatory Commission for Energy, and The RS Regulatory Commission for Energy.

The workshop featured US regulatory experts from states with diverse energy efficiency models that may be applicable to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s planned approach. These experts shared case studies from their state’s experience designing, implementing, and monitoring energy efficiency schemes, sharing lessons learned and best practices on stakeholder mapping, trends in technology, methods for monitoring performance, and other relevant topics. 

Pennsylvania’s Approach to Energy Efficiency, Haley Book

Monitoring and Evaluation in Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Program, Joe Fontaine

Viewing Energy Efficiency as a Resourse, Joe Fontaine

Role of the Regulator – The Washington Model, Deborah Reynolds