Workshop on Distribution Network Rules/Data Exchange/Public Outreach

Hotel Termag on Jahorina, September 14 and 15, 2016


USAID Energy Investment Activity organized a Workshop in Hotel Termag on Jahorina, on September 14 and 15, 2016. The Workshop addressed the following topics:

  1. Draft Outline of Distribution Network Rules,
  2. Draft Guidelines for Electronic Data Interchange,
  3. The experience of regulatory commissions from the US in regard to electricity market opening campaigns
  4. Proposal of a Concept for Public Outreach in regard to electricity market opening in BiH

On the first day of the seminar, EIA presented two very important documents for the electricity sector – (i) Draft Outline for Distribution Network Rules and (ii) Draft Outline of Electronic Data Interchange. On the second day, two US regulatory commissions presented their experiences with implementing an electricity market opening campaign, and EIA presented a proposal of a public outreach concept on electricity market opening issues in BiH.


  • Nebojša Filipović, USAID EIA (DNV GL)
  • Beth Trombold, Vice Chair, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
  • Eric Matheson, Executive Policy Manager, Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission
  • Elma Haverić and Adnan Rondić, USAID EIA

Besides the eminent guests from the US regulatory commissions from Ohio and Pennsylvania, NARUC (the US association of regulators) has enabled the attendance of the representatives of the regulatory commissions that participate in the SEE Regulatory Bridge Project financed by USAID (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova), as they have expressed interest in attending this Workshop because of the importance of the topics and presented documents.


Ohio Regulatory Commission Public Outreach Experience

Pennsylvania Regulatory Commission Public Outreach Experience

Draft Guidelines for Development of the Distribution Network Code 

Guidelines for Electronic Data Interchange

USAID EIA Proposed Public Outreach Concept